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7 Signs Your Headphones Need an Upgrade

With all of your media now on a device that is with you at all times, headphones that travel with you are essential. However, if you’re going to be carrying headphones with you, there’s a good chance that they’ll suffer from significant wear and tear over time. How do you know when it’s time for a headphone upgrade? Here are a few signs.

1. Your headphones are "those" white earbuds

Sérieusement. You can do better than that. Just stop.

2. They distort at high volumes

You shouldn’t be listening to your headphones at insane volume levels anyway, you’ll hurt your ears, but you want headphones that are capable of performing at those levels. If your headphones sound okay at low levels but get increasingly worse as you turn them up, replace them.

3. They don’t fit

This is mostly an in-ear headphone issue. If your headphones keep falling out of your ears, then it really doesn’t matter how great they sound. You’ll only get to enjoy them if they stay in. In addition, a better fit means better basses response.

4. They have wires

Okay, this reason isn’t for everybody. There’s nothing wrong with wires, but if you’ve ever spent 10 minutes untangling a cord after fishing your headphones out of your gym bag, then you know how frustrating the experience can be. Wireless headphones exist and you may want to upgrade to them.

5. You work out

Most headphones simply aren’t designed for working out. In fact, you may need a new set of headphones because your last set shorted out after you spent too much time sweating in them. Sports headphones are designed to take the punishment.

6. They make your ears hurt

As cool as noise cancelling headphones can be, if you’ve ever used them on a long flight, then you know they eventually make your ears sore and you’ll need to take a break. This doesn’t have to happen. Comfortable earbuds do exist! Or, a quality pair of over-the-ear headphones will block a lot out outside noise without causing fatigue.

7. Your ear tips suck

You're in luck! Klipsch in-ear headphones utilize our patented contour ear gels that are anatomically designed to accurately fit inside the human ear canal. Ces embouts doux et ovales en silicone réduisent la fatigue auditive et fournissent une excellente isolation phonique et une réponse de basses.

Now it’s time for that uprgrade! Check out our wired and Bluetooth headphones that provide the sound and quality Klipsch is known for.



Le design industriel et la conception acoustique de pointe de nos légendaires hauts-parleurs de home cinéma Reference offrent une performance, un son et un design uniques aux moniteurs Klipsch Reference R6 in-ear.

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With a milled aluminum chassis less than 6mm in diameter, the award-winning X12i is one of the smallest and best sounding headphones on the planet. Grâce à l'utilisation de l'aluminium, les écouteurs X12i sont non seulement incroyablement résistants mais sont aussi imperceptibles quand on les porte en raison de leur minuscule poids.

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One of Paul W. Klipsch’s first labors of love was a headphone. More than 70 years later, our legendary acoustic heritage, combined with in-depth comfort and fit expertise, are forged into every Klipsch headphone making them the best sounding, most comfortable options on the planet. Le casque Reference On-Ear II a été conçu pour réduire la fatigue auditive et offrir une parfaite isolation phonique pour des heures d’écoute et d’enchantement.

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Les écouteurs AS-5i légers et résistants à la sueur et à l'humidité de Klipsch restent en place pendant vos entraînements les plus difficiles. The secure fit design gently wraps around your ear for stable fit that won’t fall out. Customizable flex wire allows you to position the headphone so you find the perfect fit.

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Sans fil :


Breaking away from the plastic monotony to build something better, Klipsch designed the X12 Neckband headphones from the ground up to bring together premium hand-picked materials, beautiful copper accents and unsurpassed acoustic technology for a superior listening experience. With an all-day battery, call vibration alerts and carefully-selected real leather, these wireless in-ear monitors provide durability, comfort and audiophile-grade sound that's simply incomparable.

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Les écouteurs Neckband R6 Klipschallient conception haut de gamme et technologie sans fil. Protected by an electroplated steel exoskeleton and bound by carefully selected, genuine leather to provide the right amount of durability and comfort with a uniqueness that will look good for ages. Dotés d’une finition chrome noir et de coutures aux accents cuivrés et élégants, ces écouteurs sont aussi agréables à regarder qu’à écouter.

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The Klipsch Reference Over-Ear Bluetooth® headphones utilize Klipsch's Balanced Dynamic driver technology to decrease distortion and deliver the most authentic basses ever heard in an over-ear headphone. With Bluetooth high definition streaming audio and a cVc® microphone, these premium headphones deliver a comfortable, easy-to-use listening experience without the high price tag.

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