Flexus CORE 100 with Virtual Dolby Atmos 2000x2000


Our new sound bar system, powered by Onkyo, has won tons of awards already

We don’t want to brag, so we’re just going to give you the facts: Our new Klipsch Flexus Sound System will blow your mind. To put it in technical terms, it’s freaking dope. In fact it won a bunch of awards at CES 2024 when we previewed it to industry pros like Rolling Stone, Tom’s Guide, Sound & Vision Magazine, and Gear Patrol.

How is Klipsch Flexus so good? We took our time, and we brought in a lot of technical experts to fine-tune and make this lineup really shine. As our President and CEO Paul Jacobs notes, “Flexus represents over three years of meticulous planning to deliver the world’s finest, acoustically-mastered sound system.”

We engineered the hell out of this series. Garrison Garland, Senior Engineering Technician – Electronics mentions, “Klipsch engineering focuses on three main areas: Production, validation, and innovation.” That means every component is thoughtfully chosen and arranged, ensured it works effectively, and then taken to our community for user feedback to make sure it kicks ass.

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Powered by Onkyo

“We’ve been working with the new global team to review testing for user experience, software updates, technical specifications and more to uphold the highest quality standards,” says Software Assurance Manager, Masaru Fukuda. Over 1,000 rigorous tests were conducted to ensure the pinnacle of quality and performance in the debut of the Flexus Sound System.

Matt Spitznagle, VP of Technology and Innovation, can attest to the quality of the Klipsch x Onkyo relationship by the strength of the electronics package inside each Klipsch Flexus sound bar. “[It’s] designed to deliver Klipsch sound quality and the connectivity our customers expect. We optimized the design to make the system more compact and reliable than ever.” He continues, “Having the Onkyo team help watch over the development and make sure the quality is there is a new standard that we are using on all projects from here on.”

Flexus Sound Bars

Reliability is key, but it’s not the only great thing about Klipsch Flexus. Chris Perrins, VP Acoustic Engineering, was super-impressed by how well the virtual Dolby Atmos works on the Klipsch Flexus Core 100. You can tell he’s serious about it when he says the top three movies he’d use his system for: “Dune, Blade Runner 2049, and Mad Max Fury Road.”

Those are some BIG movies to play through a compact sound bar system. That’s how you know our products are killer. Garrison agrees, having used his Klipsch Flexus Sound System for tons of Netflix and Disney+ shows, but he likes it for gaming too. “Core 200 with a Sub and Surround 100 attached really shines with Ghost of Tsushima. The game utilizes wind as it’s directional marker and it really makes you feel extremely immersed in-game.”

When asked what his favorite thing about Klipsch Flexus is, Spitznagle chimed in, “I am still impressed by the sound these products can produce, especially given their size. I didn't use any soundbars at home until this lineup.”

Andy Spalla, Senior Product Manager, seconds that and was particularly impressed by the bass response. “The typical soundbar in this price point does not get anywhere near as low as we will without a sub. Our subwoofer is truly optional and adds to the experience creating a very musical and accurate sound. Other bars really require the sub in order to get ‘decent’ sound, which is why they are included in the box. It's damn impressive what we can do without a sub.”

Flexus Sound System

With the launch of the Klipsch Flexus Core 100, Core 200, Surround Sound Speakers, and 10” Subwoofer, we blended our world-class acoustics with Onkyo’s technical precision to come up with a truly groundbreaking series.

Hold on to your butts because Klipsch is here to change the game.