Reference Premiere pavillon and woofer close up

Klipsch Reference Premiere vs. Reference II Speakers

On the off chance you’ve been completely unplugged from audio society the past month, you’re probably aware of the latest addition to the Klipsch Reference family we launched at CES 2015 – the flagship Reference Premiere series speakers (check out the video below if you haven’t already).

There is no doubt that the Reference II speaker line was one of our best performing systems. And being the great American speaker brand, Klipsch would not launch a new series under the legendary Reference name without it being 100% better than its predecessor.

Klipsch Reference Premiere series speakers are completely redesigned from the ground up. And to better explain it – here are eight areas our audio-genius engineers made upgrades to outperform the Reference II system.

1. The Horn

Klipsch Reference Premiere Horn

We redesigned the Tractrix® pavillon from a 60x90 pavillon to a 90x90 pavillon for a wider dispersion area. This square pavillon mouth is paired with a circular pavillon throat for enhanced soundstaging, while maintaining the dynamic, powerful sound of a Klipsch speaker

The former Reference II speaker horns were composed of ABS plastic. To decrease pavillon resonance for a smoother, warmer high frequency response, the Reference Premiere horns are made of compressed molded silicone – also displaying a sleek design contrast against the brushed polymer veneer baffle finish.

These speakers deliver such life-like sound they invite you to turn them up to every element of your music and movies.

2. The Port

Tractrix technology Port in all Reference Premiere speakers

Unlike the traditional tube ports on the Reference II speakers, we’ve taken the same Tractrix geometry used in our horns and placed it into all Klipsch Reference Premiere ports for faster, more efficient air transfer from the cabinet. This leads to lower, quicker, more powerful low frequency response, all while minimizing port noise.

3. The Woofer

Reference Premiere Woofer

We weren’t about to abandon our famous copper and black identity with the new Reference Premiere series launch. So we took the same light weight yet rigid copper Cerametallic™ material used in our Reference woofers and added a titanium voice coil former for optimal linear movement and clean, authoritative low frequencies.

4. The Tweeter

Reference Premiere Tweeter

Klipsch engineers took the titanium Linear Travel Suspended (LTS) tweeters in the Reference II series speakers and redesigned the phase plug to increase high frequency extension. This is how the Reference Premiere speakers are able to deliver the most detail in your movies and music.

5. The Baffle

Klipsch Reference Premiere Baffle

Not only is the material upgraded from ABS plastic to MDF board to decrease resonance, the Reference Premiere baffles bear chamfered edges to reduce sound diffraction.

6. The Grille

Klipsch Reference Premiere Grille

Des grilles solides et flexibles se fixent magnétiquement pour protéger les baffles. À la différence de la gamme Reference II, les aimants ont été intégrés aux baffles pour réduire la diffraction des hautes fréquences.

We made every effort to make sure these speakers literally and metaphorically get out of the way of the sound for the best listening experience possible.

7. The Cabinet

Klipsch Reference Premiere Cabinet

Nous avons combiné un placage en polymère grain de bois avec un placage en polymère brossé pour ajouter une touche moderne au système Reference Premiere.

Ces enceintes au design simple et épuré s’adaptent à tout type d’intérieur.

8. The Base

Klipsch Reference Premiere Base

The new satin painted MDF plinth footers of the Klipsch Reference Premiere series lend an acoustically sound, authoritative stance and modern aesthetic to the new line.

Got any questions or need clarification about the Reference Premiere speakers? Let us know in the comments section below.

Klipsch Reference Premiere - 280F Ebony System

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