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All-Weather Speakers - Custom Installation

La gamme d'enceintes acoustiques tout temps de Klipsch offre des performances dynamiques et claires tout en procurant plus de puissance par watt que des enceintes de taille comparable, pour une meilleure couverture sonore dans un format de taille réduite.

The included heavy gauge C bracket can be installed in almost any configuration giving you plenty of flexibility when it comes to mounting it to an exterior wall.

Klipsch all-weather speakers are also paintable, so they can match any exterior paint color. Paint them to match the eaves and watch them disappear.

Klipsch all-weather outdoor speakers use the same Triactrix pavillon tweeter as Klipsch indoor products. When combined with dual front firing ports for better basses response, you’ll get unparalleled performance that you’d never expect from an outdoor speaker. They’re higher sensitivity and power handling also means you won’t need to crank up your amp to get great sound all over your backyard.

This isn’t a speaker you need to bring inside when it rains. Klipsch outdoor speakers are designed to handle whatever weather nature decides to throw at it and keep going. These speakers will still be going strong after years of sun, rain and snow have hit them. After all that they’ll still provide the great Klipsch sound you expect.

Klipsch KHO 7 Pair outdoor speakers
AW-650 Outdoor Speaker, black
AW-525 Outdoor Speaker, black grille off facing left
CP-6T horizontal black spaker with grille
AW-400 Outdoor Speaker front view no grille