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Amplificateur KDA-500 DSP

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The Klipsch KDA Series DSP Amplifiers offer legendary Klipsch power and performance in a sleek, high-tech, 1 rack unit solution. The KDA- 500 offers 500W of class G/H power, for clean, dynamic power in any type of install.

Caractéristiques :

  • Puissance totale du système de 500 W (4 x 125 W)
  • Plateforme haute performance
  • 70 V / 100 V / Compatibilité basse impédance
  • E/S flexible
  • Contrôle et installation du DSP de pointe

Firmware updates available. Please see our Firmware Updates & Drivers section.

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From small residential systems to massive commercial installs, the Klipsch KDA-1000 is designed for maximum install flexibility — offering low impedance and 70V/100V compatibility for distributed line applications. These impedance settings are fully independent from channel to channel — so an installer can run one channel low impedance with another channel 70V/100V for full customization and optimization of their system.

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The KDA-1000 boasts fully matrixed 4x4 I/O with fully balanced Phoenix connector inputs and Phoenix speaker outputs capable of connecting up to 12 gauge wire. Pour les connexions non équilibrées, les entrées et les sorties RCA (traversées) sont aussi intégrées, faisant du KDA-500 l'une des solutions d'amplification les plus souples du marché actuel.

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The myriad of I/O, impedance, and acoustic settings are fully matrixed and customizable through the web-based DSP menu — simply plug in a laptop computer to the RJ-45 port on the back panel of the amplifier, enter the assigned IP address into your favorite web browser to pull up the easy-to-use, streamlined menu page. In addition to password protected channel assignments, gain settings, EQ, and limiting, the DSP provides presets for almost every Klipsch speaker on the market — optimizing acoustic performance and power handling for these products with a single click. Vous pouvez également accéder facilement et rapidement au DSP en mode sans fil avec une tablette, un smartphone ou un ordinateur lorsque l'amplificateur KDA est connecté au routeur sans fil du réseau.