KA-1000-THX Amplifier

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The KA-1000-THX caisson de basses amplifier is the powerful driving force behind the Klipsch THX® Ultra2 system. Ce modèle offre une fiabilité à toute épreuve dans les conditions les plus extrêmes et permet aux auditeurs d'expérimenter toute la puissance ainsi que toutes les émotions et la richesse de leurs films et musiques préférés.

Caractéristiques :

  • Fournit 1 000 watts pour une charge de 4 ohms
  • Peut prendre en charge deux caissons de basses haute performance
  • Finition noire avec des boutons et une face avant en aluminium usiné

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This full-featured Class D amplifier, which can be conveniently located near the rest of the installation's electronics, has a built-in, defeatable, low-pass crossover and level control, boundary-gain compensation switch, completely variable phase control, and an auto power function. This high-performance amplifier has a massive toroidal power supply that is capable of delivering 1000-watts into a 4 ohm load. It can also support two high performance subwoofers and has a left and right RCA pass-through.

Finished in black with a machined aluminum front panel and knobs, the KA-1000-THX uses professional style NL2 Speakon® outputs for the high current transfer of power to the caisson de basses.

The KA-1000-THX delivers a combination of flexibility, reliability and sound quality that is unmatched.