R-5800-W II In-Wall Speaker

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Creating a benchmark in architectural audio excellence, the installer-friendly Klipsch R-5800-W II in-wall loudspeaker delivers a level of realism and subtlety that surpasses and even intimidates competing designs.

Caractéristiques :

  • Haut-parleur à compression avec dôme en titane de 1 pouce (2,54 cm) couplé à un pavillon carré Tractrix® pivotant 90° x 60° de 4 pouces (15,24 cm)
  • Boomer à membrane en Cerametallic de 8 pouces (20,32 cm)
  • La technologie du pavillon amplifie la puissance acoustique tout en réduisant considérablement la distorsion
  • Tweeter à pavillon Tractrix® pivotant pour un son clair en tout lieu
  • Sélecteurs d'atténuation des médiums et des aigus et entrée de récepteur infrarouge
  • Nouvelle grille aimantée plate et élégante SlimTrim™

By featuring an updated 8-inch Cerametallic woofer cone designed for even tighter basses and a 1-inch Titanium tweeter mated to a square 90-degree by 60-degree pivoting Tractrix Horn, there's no denying this speaker's natural precision clarity and efficiency. The addition of a Linear Travel Suspension to the tweeter increases high frequency detail and smoothness. The pivoting pavillon allows listeners to point the sound directly to the main listening area, reducing reflected sounds that blur sonic details and creating a large soundstage with well-defined imaging. Treble and basses contour switches allow sound customization in less-than-ideal speaker placement positions.

Available in a paintable white finish, the R-5800-W II can be paired with the Klipsch IK-800-W installation kit (sold separately) that incorporates a mud ring breakaway wire tie and color-coded brackets for easy speaker size identification. It also includes perforated metal wings that easily fasten to the studs via screws staples or nails. Painted white for easy marking and placement these metal wings can be folded around the edge of the studs if necessary.