WA-3 Wireless Subwoofer Kit - Custom

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Bye-Bye Cables-Hello Full Sound. The WA-3 Wireless Subwoofer Kit means the end of unsightly, costly caisson de basses cables. Place the caisson de basses wherever you want and seamlessly connect to your receiver.

Caractéristiques :

  • Provides high-def wireless connectivity for compatible Klipsch subwoofers
  • Connect up to 3 compatible Klipsch subwoofers with a single WA-3
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Small enough to integrate anywhere

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    Frequency of Operation2.4GHz ISM band
    Channel SelectionAutomatic
    Signal Range50’ (15m)
    Frequency Response15 -150 Hz +0/-3 dB
    Voltage100/240V 50/60Hz

    Compatible with Klipsch C-Series Subwoofers

    C-310ASWi caisson de basses angle
    C-308ASWi caisson de basses angle
    Heroklipsch Sub 022018 A 3303 V02

    Wireless You Can Count On

    Using advanced automatic channel selection technology, the WA-3 Wireless Subwoofer Kit won’t interfere with your other home wireless systems. Turn up the basses without having to sacrifice your streaming capability.