Klipsch Surround Sound Speaker on a wall

Surround Sound Systems


Adding surround sound speakers is the next step for any movie lover and music aficionado looking to take their home theater to another level. Encompassing, powerful and clear, Klipsch surround sound speakers will awe and delight any listener.

When you’re listening to a great piece of music or you want to get immersed in a great movie, only great sound will get you there. Klipsch surround sound speakers can literally put you at the center of the action. Whether you simply want to expand your room to a 5,1 system or you want to move to 7 channels (or even more), Klipsch surround sound speakers are designed to match your existing Klipsch speakers so that everything sounds seamless.


Leveraging our proprietary 90° x 90° Tractrix® pavillon-loaded technology and iconic spun-copper IMG woofers, the Klipsch Reference series surround sound speakers' enhanced features and new design deliver lifelike acoustics that brings your music and movies to life.

R 41 Sa Paire


Working exclusively with your Klipsch BAR 48 Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer, Surround 3 speakers blend sound to create a true home surround sound theater system.


Redesigned from the ground up, the all-new Reference Premiere series leverages over 70 years of Klipsch signature acoustic expertise with cutting-edge technology to deliver the ultimate home theater solution.

Rp 502 S Walnut Pair
Rp 502 S Black Vinyl Pair
Rp 500 Sa Walnut Pair


Crafting this incredible finish of Klipsch’s most popular home theater speaker series requires undergoing a rigorous three-coat paint and polish process. By delicately fabricating each layer, the result is a deep and vivid reflection that only a true piano black finish possesses.


Membre de la famille THX®Ultra2, l’enceinte acoustique surround KS-525-THX équipée de la technologie ambiophonique à large dispersion™ (WDST) de Klipsch apporte une nouvelle dimension à la réalité du home cinéma en utilisant la même technologie de pointe que les Klipsch systèmes de cinéma professionnels.

THX 5000 SURR Pair Grille

Build your own Klipsch home theater system.

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    • R-41SA: Offre à durée limitée : 06/14/21 - 06/19/21
    • RP-502S Walnut: Offre à durée limitée : 04/12/21 - 05/31/21
    • RP-502S Ebony: Offre à durée limitée : 04/12/21 - 05/31/21
    • RP-402S Ebony: Offre à durée limitée : 11/01/20 - 12/01/20
    • RP-402S Walnut: Offre à durée limitée : 11/01/20 - 12/01/20
    • RP-500SA Walnut: Offre à durée limitée : 04/12/21 - 05/31/21
    • RP-500SA Ebony: Offre à durée limitée : 04/12/21 - 05/31/21